Web Designer & Developer
Accounting firm website
April 2022 - May 2022


Global Fin Consult is an accounting firm located in the territory of central Bulgaria. After selling their first company - Prime Consult, they wanted to completely build a new brand feel and vision.


The old Prime Consult site was outdated in terms of design and had a lot of unnecessary and confusing information. They mentioned that they want the feel of the new brand to be less corporate and cold and more youthful and modern, which is unusual for this financial niche, but with this idea, they wanted to be closer to their customers.


- The site had unimportant links in the header menu.

-  A useless CTA and improper first impression in the hero section.

- Not enough white space in the about section.

- Outdated and non-maintained information.

- The contact form needed to be reordered.


Once we were done with the requirements and brainstorming, I got to work. I did extensive niche research in the region. All brands and sites were classic templates with a cold corporate look. In terms of design, they were also outdated. As for the content and good SEO practices, they were acceptable, but at some point, too much textual content detracts from a good UX.



I started with the Logo design first as I feel it is a key element in defining the overall feel of the brand, fonts and colors. There are pre-set requirements for what the logo should be and I was able to create it on the first try.

The colors were natural and the whole concept of the Logo was literally to be "earthy" (those were the requirements).


After the details of the Logo were cleared, I turned to the information structure of the site. Since they don't have a lot of content, we decided to stick with a single page as before, but this time the information would be arranged hierarchically.

I think the end result turned out great. The overall look was aligned with the Logo. I used earthy, iridescent colors as well as modern illustrations. I removed the cluttered content and added more white space.
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